Rapeseed Vs. Tillage Radish

** Picture updated 12/7/15 from 15700 seeds/lb to 175000 seeds/lb Both the rapeseed and the tillage radish are members of the broadleaf family.  The radish is one of the most popular cover crops on the market today.  Its popularity is mainly due to its ability to break up compaction and scavenge nutrients.  Radishes are easy … Continue reading Rapeseed Vs. Tillage Radish

This Week in Ag… 6/1/2015

Have you ever really thought about pollination?  Most of us recognize pollen as the stuff that bothers our allergies or ends up turning our cars yellow.  Pollination is important because it must happen in order for fertilization to take place.  Pollinator Paradise talks about pollination and who some of our pollinators are. Find out how pollinators … Continue reading This Week in Ag… 6/1/2015