This Week in Ag… 7/13/15

Fields are really starting to show the stress of too much water.


In some fields, drowned out spots are what you notice.  These are the areas of the field that you can tell once were planted and may still have a plant trying to grow but otherwise looks like a brown area.

bare spot circled

beans circled

Uneven corn growth and yellowing of corn can be signs drainage problems.  The yellowing is a result of Nitrogen loss.  Farmers are following the 4R’s to make sure they apply nutrients at the Right Rate, in the Right Place, at the Right Time and are using the Right Source, however, Mother Nature can turn all that upside down when she delivers excessive amounts of water.  This OSU article talks about Nitrogen Loss and the picture of the Nitrogen Cycle will help show you whats happening.  Loss of Nitrogen can also be an indicator that water was laying in that area because leaching is a know problem with Nitrogen.


drowned corn circled

drowned out corn circled

nitrogen loss circled  

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