This Week in Ag… 5.25.15

make hay

This field of perennial rye grass should last 4-5 years and will allow for multiple cuttings a year.  The first step in baling is to mow the grass.  Once the grass is mowed, a tedder will be run over the grass to help it dry faster.  Once the tedder is run through, the grass must be raked back into rows.  This will help when the farmer goes to bale.  The farmer then runs the baler along the row of grass to create the bale.  These large round bales are then covered in plastic to help keep them fresh when stored outside.

dear alfalfa

Click here to find out how legumes and corn can work together to reduce input costs.

manure sample

The 4R’s make sure that you are using the right source, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place when applying nutrients.  The Gatorade bottle is a sample from the agitated manure pit that was pulled and sent to the lab for analysis.  The lab will send back the nutrient value of the manure.  This will allow the farmer to know exactly what he is applying.

day or night

Thankfully tractors have lights on them!  Not everyone has the chance to be in the field during the day but thanks to the lights farmers are able to work their day jobs and then come to fields after.

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