This Week in Ag… 5.25.15

This field of perennial rye grass should last 4-5 years and will allow for multiple cuttings a year.  The first step in baling is to mow the grass.  Once the grass is mowed, a tedder will be run over the grass to help it dry faster.  Once the tedder is run through, the grass must … Continue reading This Week in Ag… 5.25.15

This Week in Ag… 5/18/15

Last week’s comments from farmers that they were done or almost done planting corn fits right in with the crop progress report that came out yesterday.  Each Monday through the growing season a crop progress report is published by the United States Department of Agricultural (USDA), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).The crop progress report is … Continue reading This Week in Ag… 5/18/15