This Week in Ag… 4/20/15

labeled tile pic

Notice the darker color?  That is the clear water flowing out of the field tile.  The murky water has sediment in it that could have been held back with a cover crop.

 edge of field monitoring

This article helps explain edge of field monitoring systems.  It shows you up close pictures of this equipment and what’s going on in the white box.

 cover crop tour

This might be your last chance to view the tour!  Cash crops, like corn or soybeans, should be getting planted as soon as Mother Nature plays nice.  This will terminate the cover crops.  The Wood SWCD Cover Crop Tour highlights 11 fields of cover crops in the county.  Maps are available or you can visit to view pictures and information.

 salli salimander

In addition to salamanders, other macroinvertebrates can be used to indicate healthy water.  Several local schools monitor for this in the fall.

preg checking

 Health checks are important for both the cow and the farmer.  A healthy herd is a productive herd.  They are not just supplying more milk, they are providing a higher quality product.  Routine health checks reduce the need for antibiotics and reduce waste of raw milk from medicated animals.


seed loading

In Northwest Ohio, planting population for corn is ideally 32-38,000 seeds/acre.  The population is determined by the farmer and is based on timing, soil type and hybrid.  Some hybrids respond better to higher or lower populations.  Each year the seed varies in size depending on the stresses that it may have faced in the previous growing season.

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