This Week in Ag… 4/6/15

happy cows

Have you ever talked to a nutritionist or dietitian about what you should be eating?  A dairy consults with a nutritionist to ensure they are meeting the nutritional needs of their cows.  Just as the caloric needs of a nursing mother a pregnant woman, and a teen girl are different, cows needs vary in the same way.

cow chow

Here, minerals and vitamins are the last ingredient being added to the TMR (total mixed ration). Additional ingredients include corn silage, alfalfa hay, and wheat straw.

tractor w. sprayer  spray trailer

With warmer weather starting to make an appearance, heading out to the shop to get equipment ready for spring is on the rise.  The warm weather last week allowed doors to be opened and equipment to be moved out/around.  Spraying herbicides will be the first thing that some farmers do.  Farmers use water from bulk water stations to mix with the spray.  They will add the spray concentrate to the mixing cone before turning on the generator to pump the water and concentrate into the sprayer.  Farmers calculate the amount of water and concentrate needed to spray for a given amount of acres.


YOU’VE GOT MAIL!  While these chicks were picked at a hatchery in LaRue, they can also be mailed to you.  These chicks start out small, but in just 12 short weeks they will have reached maturity and be full grown.  They will then be taken for processing.

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