This Week in Ag… 3/30/15

Motherly instincts don’t always come naturally, when that happens the farmer steps in to help out.  Bottle feeding or finding replacements moms are some of the things that must happen in order for a new baby to survive.  These crossbred Southdown/Suffolk sheep are bred for motherly instincts.  Luckily this is one proud Mama! Just because … Continue reading This Week in Ag… 3/30/15

This Week in Ag… 3/23/15

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you have seen these pictures before.  However, here there is more information about each of them.  If you don't follow us, you can do that here.  Each Monday you can stop in and see what has happened the previous week. We all enjoy when the snow finally starts … Continue reading This Week in Ag… 3/23/15